An investigative documentary about Bengaluru’s insatiable hunger for growth, the avarice of the powerful, the massacre of natural resources, and the plight of our post-COVID future.

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We are angry. Our anger is being channeled in the form of a film. A film that will investigate, question, challenge status quo, and suggest a solution. If you too are angry, concerned, and wanting to do something for our beloved Bengaluru, support us. Every single contribution will go into making this film powerful and impactful.

Why this film?

25 acres of forested land in Jarakabandekaval

Reserve Forest would be lost.

Six lakes along the PRR will be impacted.

5000 farmers’ future at stake.

1850 acres of farmland will become roads.

67 villages will be impacted.

33,838 trees will be massacred.

Will PRR resolve Bengaluru’s traffic problems?

Should infrastructure development happen at the cost of our health and future?

Production Update